Media Options

Proof Sheets or Small Proofs (images)

Typically, after any photo shoot, you will be provided with a CD-ROM containing a copy of all acceptable shots taken during the shoot in the form of a "Proof Sheet" from which you select and order printed photographs.

Some shots may be deleted prior to production of this Proof Sheet where the subject has blinked or has been caught at a bad moment for instance.

The "Proof Sheet" is not usually corrected or enhanced in any way but in the case of Glamour and Boudoir Shoots, may be softened slightly to roughly simulate the final effect applied to any finished prints ordered.

If individual proof images are requested instead of the Proof Sheet then the images are stamped "Proof Only" in a semi-transparent text and are therefore not printable.

Media Choices

As well as the standard Printed Photographs, you may optionally choose to have your photographs supplied in a digital format for TV or PC viewing.

Electronic Flip Album

Electronic Flip Album for viewing on a personal computer.
My Electronic Flip Album will operate as a slide show on your screen or the pages of the album can be turned easily with a mouse.
If you feel the photographs should not be viewed by anyone else, then the Flip Album can be password protected to prevent unauthorised viewing.

DVD Slide Show

A DVD Slide Show for viewing on a Television, Wide screen or Computer.

You can choose to have a copy of all your favourite shots synchronised to your own special music for viewing on a DVD Player.

This is best suited to my Glamour, Boudoir and Romantic Couple Shoots where I am normally able to take anywhere between 100 and 500 shots.

You will find this to be a fantastic way to view your photo shoot and even an alternative to photographic prints.


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No more advertisements :-)
Your treasured memories can now be supplied on a DVD synchronised to your favourite tunes for viewing on your TV or wide screen.