Retouching, Shape Enhancement and Super Imposing


BASIC RETOUCHING - Included for all printed photographs.

Basic retouching includes my special skin smoothing techniques which give the skin a beautiful overall softness similar to the effect achieved by using a soft focus filter on a camera lens.

There is a big difference though. When using a soft focus filter on a camera lens EVERYTHING in the photo is softened and while it may create a glamorous result, it also takes the life out of the eyes, lips and hair and to most, it is quite apparent that we are covering up.

My techniques will (unless instructed otherwise) soften ONLY the skin and will leave eyes, lips, hair, jewellery and the intricate detail of some clothing and lingerie sharp, vibrant and full of life.

The result is that the viewer cannot detect that the photo has been softened but the skin from head to toe looks gorgeous where a soft focus filter is a dead giveaway.

Basic retouching is more than good enough for most clients and especially in smaller print sizes but in some cases one may want a little more.


ADDITIONAL RETOUCHING - Available at an extra cost.

For those who really want that 'Cover Girl' finish then I can give you just that but it does cost a little extra.

In cases where a client requires more than just the basic retouching that is included in the cost of my prints there is an additional cost involved - Please see my price list for current hourly rates.

Additional retouching may be required when a client requires the removal of significant Lines, Wrinkles, Scars, Stretch marks, Tattoos, Acne, etc.

Yes I Can Do Shape Enhancements.

For those who want to lose a few pounds, gain a few curves or have slightly larger or smaller breasts in their photos then this also falls under the category of Additional Retouching.

This can all be done without detection.


Even the best of makeup applications cannot compete with
results like this! If you want scars, blemishes, freckles or moles removed from your photographs, I am happy to do it.

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