Glamour and Boudoir Photography

Glamour and Boudoir Shoots in Colour or Black and White - Kym Harper in Adelaide, South Australia
Glamour Shoots
and Boudoir Shoots are typically for a woman wanting to be captured at her very best and to make her look as beautiful, exciting and sexy as possible.

Glamour Shoots can include Casual, Sportswear, Costumes, Formal, Evening Wear, Swimwear, and Lingerie but can also include implied nudity.

Boudoir Shoots are typically more revealing than Glamour Shoots and require a more romantic setting.
Revealing lingerie, implied nudity and sometimes partial or complete but tasteful nudity is common in Boudoir Photography.

Regardless of dress, the objective is basically the same - to remove any unwanted distractions (blemishes and scars) and to portray the model's sensuality and beauty.

Every woman has her own special looks and unique expressions - those moments when she is at her natural best.

My goal during a Glamour Shoot is to relax the subject, inspire confidence and to recognise or discover those moments and capture them for the subjects own pleasure or as a very special gift.

Glamour Shoots therefore, should not be rushed as this is a very personal experience and it can take a little time to become confident and relax and be natural in front of the camera.

Glamour and Fashion Shoots in Colour or Black and White - Kym Harper in Adelaide, South Australia

Typically, a full Glamour Shoot can take between three and six hours (with the occasional break) depending on the subject’s initial confidence, the number of outfits she chooses to wear, the number of desired shots and optional, professional make-up. (See below)

There is no need to choose a specific package and there is no commitment or pressure to purchase a specific number of prints.
In fact, you may choose to pay only for a shoot and a copy of proofs on a CD-ROM knowing that I will never contact you or pressure you to purchase prints from your Glamour Shoot.

The number of shots taken will vary from between 80 and 500 shots once again depending on the subject's confidence, the number of outfits and how much time the subject dedicates to the shoot.

You can bring as many outfit changes as you like to cover any or all of the styles you want including Casual, Sportswear, Costumes, Formal / Evening Wear, Swimwear and Lingerie.
While you might change your mind, it is best to bring as many outfits that you think you might consider.


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or to book or discuss your photo shoot.

glamour photography and makeovers in Adelaide, South Australia

A Glamour or Boudoir Shoot with me will be a exciting and memorable experience giving you a great selection of shots.

Your friends and loved ones will be simply blown away by a full range of shots showing you as they've never seen you before.


Client's photos do not appear on my web site or on any other web sites and are not displayed in my studio without a clients written permission.

All photographs of a sensitive nature are stored on password encrypted CDROM or DVD's.

All photographs are finished and printed by myself personally and not by a Digital Print Shop or Laboratory.

This is to not only guarantee quality results but also to guarantee the privacy of your shots at all times.


Do You Need Professional Make-up?

Expert finishing touches thoughtfully applied with my computer touchup and finishing techniques enable me to produce a perfect finish to every shot without the help of a professional makeup artist. You will have beautiful skin from top to toe.

Because of this and to help reduce your costs, I offer professional make-up as an optional extra which is often unnecessary thus saving you money.

Glamour Make-Overs by Kym Harper in Adelaide, South AustraliaI am a computer enhancement and retouching expert and can remove any unwanted moles, freckles, scars, birthmarks and stretch marks from any chosen favourite shots.

Bring your own makeup and save or if preferred, arrange to have your make-up applied by a make-up artist of your choice either here at my home/studio or en route!

How Long Does It Take?

Unless you're in a hurry and I hope you're not, we'll start with an informal chat to allow you to relax and discuss what style of photography you want to include in the shoot and go through the outfits you bring along.

You can have a complimentary glass of wine or champagne if you like or perhaps just a cup of coffee or tea while we discuss your shoot.

It is best to allow an extra hour for anything other than my Express Package - a 'rushed' photoshoot may look just that! Your photographer does not wear a watch :-)


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