Client Testimonies

Below are a few testimonies gratefully received from my clients.

Identification has been removed to protect my clients privacy.


Dear Kym,

Thank you SO MUCH for your efforts during my recent "Romantic Couples" shoot.

Truth be known, both [NAME REMOVED] & I got more and more nervous about doing this as the time grew nearer.

We actually parked around the corner and talked for a good ten minutes before we plucked up the courage to continue to your studio (Sorry we didn't tell you that) and almost decided to lose our deposit and hide :-)

I think it was your low prices that worried us the most as I had previously done a glamour shoot with [NAME REMOVED] and paid $370.00 just for one 8x10 inch print without a hint of retouching but softened to the point where we're not sure if it is actually me in the photo.
In fact thanks to your magic even though it was seven years ago I look far younger and more beautiful than in any of their photos.

We've looked and looked and can't see a single stretch mark or scar and you've cleaned up [NAME REMOVED] so well while he still looks exactly like the real man I love so, so much.

My Artistic-Nude shots were just that, artistic, very artistic and we will have a larger print of one of these shots please but I will phone to discuss this a little later today.

We were not expecting to feel so absolutely relaxed and natural under the prying eyes of a camera but your natural down to earth "character" just made the whole experience so enjoyable and we felt like we'd known you for years.

We thought these shots would be a just for us and far too personal to show anyone else at all but there are quite a few we consider so beautiful and artistic that we do show a few (well maybe lots) of our really close friends and of course, everyone has to see our portrait style shots.

I hope by now you have received bookings from a few of our friends with more to follow - if you haven't, you certainly will do soon.

You're a fantastic guy, a great photographer and obviously a genius with Photoshop.

Again Kym, thank you, thank you, thank you and look out because we'll be back for more very soon as we have a few ideas of our own now and we'd like you to capture these ideas and see how you can work your magic.

Hugs & XXX's.


Dear Kym,
Thanks so, so much for such fantastic shots the other day. My husband absolutely loves them all as do I.
They are all fabulously sexy and not at all cheesy.

I will never go to [NAME REMOVED] again and it’s not really because of the huge price difference but more about what you do and the way you do it.

You can look forward to a number of calls from many of my friends who are now all excited about the idea of a similar photographic session.

I hope my little testimony helps to encourage others to use your services.


Good morning Kym,
The photos were better than I had expected and I was so comfortable working with you.

I have been trying to find the right photographer since 2003 but for some reason have never seen the results I wanted or expected. This was the simply the best shoot I have ever had.

I am super impressed with the way you've removed all my pimples and blemishes. My skin looks so beautiful in every shot – you must have spent hours editing the shots. Thanks.

I will contact you again very, very soon as finally I feel confident that there is one photographer who can help me create the portfolio I both want and need.

Thanks also for your patience. I must have seemed like the fussiest girl you've ever met.


Dear Kym and Heather,

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!
I felt so very special during my photo shoot and to tell you the truth, I didn't think I’d look anywhere near as good as I felt in the actual photos.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!!!
Rob says I look hotter than anyone he’s seen in Playboy and is hoping you can print about a dozen of the shots so he can carry them in his wallet :-)

Thanks for your professionalism and courtesy on the day. I felt just like a princess and now I look like one too :-)

This has given a huge boost to my self-confidence and self-esteem.


I will certainly take you up on your offer of 20% discount for another photo shoot as soon as I change my hair colour back to a more natural state :-)


Hey Kymbo,
Top stuff! Really! Everything you've done is just perfect and I have never been so happy before with a single photograph of myself.
I wish I knew of you before our wedding as I am sure you would have done a much better job.

You've helped me convince Damien that we should do a shoot together and we'll go for the Romantic Couples Shoot but would like a couple of normal portrait shots as well which we will use as Christmas gifts for our parents and of course to hang on the wall somewhere in our home.

I will phone you one evening next week to set a date for this.
I hope you are getting all the work you deserve.


Hello Kym,
I am just writing to thank you for my photographs.
What a great range of great shots you did and it was all good fun too.

I'm so glad I tried your new costumes as they were so sexy and cheeky and not anything like I’d previously considered buying myself.

My fiance was more than a little excited about it all and has since bought me a couple of sexy little costumes just for fun and says he will pay for another shoot (in these costumes) for my birthday which is in about four months.

I feel much more confident now so will help you make even better photos next time.



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The image below has had the background digitally replaced and a tattoo has been removed and the skin tones "warmed" as requested by my client. Note how I was able to leave every strand of hair in place and also cut right through in intricate detail in the lace petticoat.

The image below has once again, had the white background digitally replaced with a fantasy background and the wings and fog have been super imposed as requested by my client.